Hi, I am Ayo.

I am an award winning photographer from the United Kingdom. Are you looking for a London wedding photographer to capture your big day?

Bigg Ayo is a London/Manchester City photographer specializing mainly in documentary wedding and fashion photography.

Telling stories is very much something I appreciate and put a lot of effort into.

Photography is a full time commitment and I work tirelessly to make every image beautifully presented. An Associate of Alakija studios.

I tell the wedding story of brides and grooms in London, Manchester and wherever their love and my passport takes me.

Wedding photography has taken me to places I’d never have imagined I would go such as Dubai, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa to mention a few.

I look forward to exploring more countries and continents in the world and I would love to hear from you whether your wedding is taking place locally or internationally.



This is anu.
I’ve been looking at our pictures since Thursday with such awe and amazement!! I’ve showed so many people your work still in disbelief that these are our very own wedding pictures!!!
I can’t believe that you were able to capture so many memorable moments! We had such little conversations before the wedding and yet you delivered Work that matched our imaginations and captured the essence of what we wanted our day to be!!! We can really relieve each moment with your work.”