Bigg Ayo is a London/Manchester City photographer specialising in documentary wedding and fashion photography. Over the years I have perfected my craft to ensure every photo tells a story that conveys emotion and narrative. Storytelling photography is an art that I very much appreciate and put a lot of effort into to ensure every image is beautifully presented. 


I tell the romantic story of brides and grooms in London, Manchester and wherever their love and my passport takes me :) Wedding photography has taken me to some fantastic places including Dubai, Spain, Italy and South Africa - just to mention a few! I look forward to exploring more places in the UK and Internationally and I would love to hear from you if you are planning your wedding. 

Fashion Photography

I love creating unique images to showcase clothing and accessories. When shooting for a commercial project I have the ability to be creative, yet still be on brand. If you are looking to capture a special time such as maternity and new born photos, have a branding project, or simply want to update your portfolio I would love to hear from you. 

Contact me or email me on info@biggayo.com

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