Bigg One

This is a personalized coaching and mentoring for wedding photographers

It will be 4 days full inmmersion experience at my house. Not only will I talk about my way of understanding wedding photography, but also I will also analyze everything about your portfolio and your way of working in a deep way.

During these four days I will show you everything about light (natural and artificial), composition, moments and moments, magic portraits, and workflow (I will cover my full process of editing photos).

The fourth day you can join me to see how I photograph a real wedding.

Bigg Air

This is a personalized online three hours mentoring and coaching for wedding photographers. It´s divided into three parts where you can choose the best one for you:

CRITIQUE: This is a critique portfolio online for photographers who are ready to grow. This session is a heart to heart discussion about your photography. We will go over your portfolio and any other areas as

Website evaluation, pricing strategies, marketing and business growth

POST-PRODUCTION: Join us for an intensive three hours workshop where we will share all about our post production process. We will show you how we use all our tools for creating the most personal result.

VISION: Its time to talk about our way of understanding wedding photography. Why we are taking these kind of photos, what is our mission during the wedding day. Is the best option for learning about our creativity.

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